Friday, August 8, 2014

WiFi File Transfer Pro - transfer files between your computer and your Android device with no wires

When it comes to transferring files between your Android devices and your desktop and laptop computers, there are a number of great tools out there. One of my favorite, and most reliable, is called WiFi File Transfer Pro.

WiFi File Transfer Pro costs a little over $1 in the Google Play Store, but I believe it is totally worth it. There is also a free version, it has all the same functionality, it just comes with a 5MB file size limit.

I've talked briefly about WiFi File Transfer Pro before, it was covered in my brainstorming article on transferring files wirelessly, but it was slightly overshadowed by ES File Explorer and how to use ES as an FTP server.

Check out my Android Authority post for the full step-by-step on using WiFi File Transfer Pro to get files to and from your Android device.

Many of the readers over there immediately responded with mention of ES File Explorer and the WiFi direct app called SuperBeam. Now, I've talked about ES File Explorer before, so keep your eyes peeled for SuperBeam infor and tutorials coming later.

As for WiFi File Transfer Pro, I use it almost daily. Whether I am just pushing over screenshots of individual files that I do not want in my cloud storage space, or setting up a new machine or factory reset, I use WiFi File Transfer to handle the tasks.

If you do not know the pains of file transfers, than don't feel bad about not feeling this app and tutorial, it was not really made for you then. But for those of us that often transfer files, and perhaps run Linux and Chrome OS computers that do not have local applications for file transfers already, this is the tool we've been looking for.

What do you think - obviously, Airdroid is more fun, ES File Explorer has more features, but is WiFi File Transfer Pro in your arsenal of Android tools?

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