Friday, August 15, 2014

KeepScreen, a free tool to control your display timeout on a per app basis

Everyone loves Tasker, right? Hold on, I think I heard someone in the back say no. They think Tasker is too complicated and, well, expensive. Fair enough, over on my Android customization series on Android Authority I'll beginning to look at free alternatives for common Tasker task.

To that end, KeepScreen is quick and cheap, let's you decide which apps keep your display turned on and when to let your phone go to sleep.

KeepScreen is free, but it is really old and has had no updates in a while. It still works, and well, but if you prefer an active developer, perhaps there are other options out there for you. (Like Tasker... Sorry, I had to.)

Head on over to my Android Authority post to get all the details and see KeepScreen in action.

KeepScreen holds a special place in my Android heart. It was perhaps the first pure Android customization app I had ever installed, back in the days of Froyo. Yes, my Android usage history does not go back as far as Donut, or Eclair, but don't you worry, I was studying the core Android software stack before the first Android device hit the market.

Back on track, KeepScreen is used by simply specifying a selection of apps that keep the screen lit, which it does without prejudice, or regard for your battery. Nothing to be worried about here, just remember that your display is the largest battery draw of your device, getting through the day is a little easier when you don't accidentally forget your display on unnecessarily, trust me.

Stay tuned for more, next week should be an alternative to WiFi File Transfer Pro for your wireless file transfer needs.

KeepScreen, Tasker and many more, what is your favorite tool for controlling display timeout?

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