Thursday, August 7, 2014

Google will now take you to the Moon, and Mars, if you know how to ask

A long, long time ago, in a computer near you, you may have had Google Earth installed and used it to explore the Moon. Google is bringing that now to almost all of us, regardless our installed operating system and applications, through the Google Maps website. If the Moon is not enough, let's explore Mars as well.

Immediately, we dream of having street view of the planets, but the NASA Mars Rover has not yest returned enough imagery that Google can get it's hands on it for our pleasure. That's ok, there is still some amazing imagery available, you can zoom in an impressive amount in your attempts to find the perfect valley to live in.

Head on over to my Android Authority post for the particulars.

Keeping it simple, get yourself into the new Google Maps on your desktop computer or laptop, select the Google Earth view and zoom out. Keeping zooming. A little more. Now you have the entire globe in view, hey look, you can see what parts of the world are in the Sun right now. Cool.

Keep a look out at the very bottom of the screen, there is an Explore bar that usually houses images in the area, but now the Moon and Mars pop up. Simply click your preference and begin your space voyage.

What's it going to be, the Moon or Mars first?

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