Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Google using your data to help you travel, now helps you find your hotel

Google has expanded its services to now include natural language searches that use a hotel reservation in your Gmail as a point of reference.

Was that too much, too fast? Let's start at the end, you will now be able to ask Google to show you restaurants nearby your hotel with the simple phrase "Show me restaurants nearby my hotel." The value here is that Google is smart enough to know where your hotel is, allowing for the natural language support.

Taking it a step further, you are covered even if you forget the name of your hotel, or where it is, Google remembers this stuff and can get you directions to and from 'my hotel' as well.

All of this is made possible only when you have your hotel reservation in your Gmail. Google isn't a stalker, they just are getting smarter and more effective with providing us value based on the content in our Google accounts.

Further info and discussion is to be found over on my Android Authority post.

I like the idea of this service, Google already has my travel itinerary, can display my boarding pass through Google Now, and has a cool new contextually aware Maps Explore feature that accounts for my tastes and habits. That said, I think it is just a bad idea to not know the name of your hotel and have a basic understanding of the local area. Even if you never have to remember your way without Maps guidance, I say it is best to be prepared to travel without technology anyway.

'My Hotel' functionality is a great step forward for Google's value for individual users, but do you think it is too much?

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