Friday, June 20, 2014

Tasker makes sure you never miss an Alarm

Hey look, you can use Tasker to make sure you never miss an alarm. This sounds familiar...

I'll keep this one short too, I put together a step by step tutorial for using Tasker to create a Task and Profile. These are the key functions and steps to get any Tasker recipe up and rolling.

I found that it is far too easy to mute an Android device, which is great for many things, but a terrible thing if you rely on your device as an alarm clock. In the nature of 'better safe than sorry,' the tutorial creates a Task that changes your Alarm Volume to an appropriate level, then creates a Profile that triggers that setting just before any alarm goes off.

We kept it super simple this time, but be sure you are comfortable with the steps, next week we show you how to mute your device at bedtime, then bring it all back to life in the morning.

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