Thursday, June 5, 2014

My, what a big phone you have there Samsung. New Galaxy W packs 7-inch display

Catering to the phablet market, Samsung is releasing a new phone that packs a whopping 7-inch display. Certainly, there are jokes to be made for putting such a large device to one's head, but I'll urge you to get past that and consider this device objectively with me.

As the smartphone industry again sees a change in the size of the average device, the trend is currently to build larger. This year's round of flagship smartphones by the major manufacturers is seeing devices in the 5 to 6-inch range. The 7-inch screen size is also not a breakthrough size, aside from the many Android tablets available at this size, there are a few phones already on the market.

Here's the thing, I own a Nexus 7 tablet, I am attached to this thing. I use it for almost all aspects of my day, I read my email, check my Google+, write blogs, watch videos, play games and, believe it or not, use it as a communication tool. I know the Nexus 7 is not a phone, it is just a tablet, but that does not prevent me from plugging in a set of headphones and using voip services to make a phone call.

I would not imagine placing my Nexus 7 to my head to place a call, that would be uncomfortable, to say the least, but with peripherals like headphones, Bluetooth headsets and more, there is no reasonable reason to not make a call from the tablet. I might also mention that I live in a bit of a cell tower dead spot, which leaves me only one choice to make my calls, my 7-inch 'phone.'

Back to the Samsung Galaxy W, I've walked through the particulars of the device and some of the competition over on Android Authority. You know I urge you to check it out for more info and pictures.

What are your thoughts on smartphone screen sizes - is the 4.5-inch range of the Moto G enough, or do you want them bigger and badder?

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