Saturday, August 2, 2014

IFTTT - If This Then That is an automation web service that has migrated to Android

IFTTT is not exactly a Tasker killer, but it is pretty slick in its own right. If This Then That is its name, and how it operates. Create recipes for your favorite online tasks and more based on a simple If This happens, Then do That. You can see an example in the image, when you post new images to Instagram, IFTTT can automatically get a copy of them into your Dropbox account.

I've spent a lot of time working with Tasker to automate many of the systems on my Android devices. I've also spent a good amount of time working with IFTTT through the web interface to streamline my online world. It is only recent that IFTTT released their Android app, introducing their own set of Android customization tools.

Like I said, IFTTT is no Tasker killer. The tools are pretty simple, you can collect incoming calls and SMS, work off of images and screenshots, trigger notifications and a few other tricks. Tasker goes way beyond these few limited tasks, but IFTTT is still pretty powerful.

Head on over to my IFTTT tutorial on Android Authority to see a recipe in action.

I show you how to take an RSS feed and trigger an Android notification when a new post arrives. Truth told, I show you how specifically to get notifications for just my Android customization posts on the Android Authority website, but the steps are easy enough to understand for any keyphrase on any RSS feed.

If you guys are interested, sound off in the comments below and I can put together something to show you more of the Android functionality in IFTTT. Otherwise, we'll just stick with Tasker for our Android needs. That said, perhaps I'll revisit IFTTT for their online resources, which are many and can seriously improve your online experience.

What is the best thing you have used IFTTT for?

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