Tuesday, August 19, 2014

YouTube Music Key and Google Play Music Key to unite audio and video

It is only just a leak so far, but we have it on good authority that Google's YouTube will be launching a service called YouTube Music Key, which will be a paid subscription service to provide ad-free, curated music videos, recorded concerts and more. In addition, Google Play Music All Access is to be renamed Google Play Music Key and add 20 million new tracks to their collection.

The combined YouTube Music Key and Google Play Music Key is expected to sell for $9.99 per month. That's the same price as All Access runs for now. 

The resulting service provided here is one that is ultimately unparalleled in the media streaming world right now. Google is effectively providing a one stop shop for all of our musical desires. No longer will we have to go to Play Music to listen to tunes, then kill it off and open up YouTube to be able to catch the video for that same artist we were just listening too.

We are not sure exactly how it will all tie together, if there will be a seamless transition between video and audio while we are consuming our favorite tunes. We do know that YouTube Music Key is set to add offline playback and audio-only playback, if the latter of which should pull in Play Music streaming, a new media giant could be born of this.

Head on into my Android Authority post to gather more details and see how legit these rumors are

There is much backlash as to Google providing more paid services, to which I have mixed feelings. First and foremost, Google is only able to provide 'free' content to us because it makes the money up on the advertising side of things. It makes sense on this regard that ad-free music should need some compensation, not to mention a way to pay for all the ridiculous fees I only assume Google must dish out to the record labels. The flips side remains a valid request, can we get Google Play Music Key and YouTube Music Key for free in exchange for embedded advertisements? 

Be sure I will mention this again when the services are launched and available. I love my music and I am sure most of you do too, but will you pay $10/month for unlimited streaming of both audio and video? 

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