Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Updated Opera for Android web browser fixes URL spoofing

In our internet connected world, there is one tool that almost all of us use on a continual and daily basis, a web browser. Whether on a mobile device or back on our PCs, the web browser is the conduit to all of the great internet sites that we love (and hate.) It is important then that our browsers be fast, easy to navigate and, most importantly, secure.

Opera is pushing out an update to their Opera for Android web browser. The update includes the expected handful of bug fixes and small user improvements, but what we weren't expecting was to learn that the previous version of Opera had a URL spoofing vulnerability.

URL spoofing, as was effecting the Opera browser, was simply the ability for a website to display a different URL (web address, domain name, whatever you know it as) than the page you are actually viewing. What this means is that you could be actually looking at a fake website designed to steal your personal information, but the URL is the normal address of your bank or social media platform or other.

The update also brings a new tab management UI, which lives at the bottom and is designed for easy one handed usage, and improvements to the downloader, for those that suffered failures on larger files.

More info can be found over on my Android Authority post, or just hit the Google Play Store to update or grab a copy to get started.

I have always recommended having more than one web browser installed on a device, and Opera has been in my top 4 to choose from, I have not yet tried out this version myself, but I do have the old on e installed, just waiting for the update to push through.

Are you an Opera for Android user, what do you think of these updates? If not, what is your Android browser of choice?

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