Thursday, June 12, 2014

Google plans to make all of their stuff look and act the same, everywhere, and it's called Quantum Paper

This is all just rumors and well placed guesses, but the folks over at Android Police have pieced together what they think Google is planning for a major overhaul of design for all of their products. The basic idea is that each product, such as Gmail, would gain a similar look and feel no matter what operating system you use to access it. The project will be named Quantum Paper.

I'll keep it short, I covered the main points over on Android Authority, and the Android Police article goes even deeper, if you like the nitty gritty stuff. In short, the new Google+ app is said to represent much of what Quantum Paper stands for, check that out for some ideas.

What are your thoughts? I know I am looking forward to a unified design across platforms, but I also worry that the new design will not be to taste for many users.

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