Sunday, February 1, 2015

Google is taking a more proactive approach to Android security, paying hackers to look things over

Google has given over $4 million to security researchers that have successfully identified security vulnerabilities in things like the Chrome web browser. Now, your Android experience will benefit from this approach as well.

Effective immediately, with more information to come, all Google built Android and iOS apps are eligible for bounty from the Vulnerability Reward Program.

In addition to Google's apps, they are pushing forward with a proactive approach to enlisting researchers (hackers) to help secure the Google Play Store. Instead of passively rewarding identified flaws, Google will be offering up front as much as $3133.70 to individuals in the security community to have a look at pieces of the Google Play Store and other Google properties.

I went into more detail about this topic over on my Android Authority post, I urge you to check that out for more details. Or, just hit up the Google blog post on the subject.

In the end, we are very excited that more security is headed our way for the Android ecosystem.

What do you think, should Google continue to put outside eyes on their security, or should they just hire more staff in their Security department?

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