Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Flying drones over at Drone Rush

Hello folks, so sorry I have not posted here in a long, long time. As you can imagine, I had to stop trying to make money here when I was hired full time into the Android Authority family. That has been an adventure, one that continues with my current role as Editor on our drones focused website Drone Rush.

Drone Rush

If you want to see things that fly, or, at least things that fly that you can legally own and control in your backyard, come check it out.

We tend to focus on the best of the more affordable consumer drones. Have you ever heard of the DJI Mavic Pro, or the newer DJI Mavic Air? These drones represent the pinnacle of what we cover on Drone Rush. They are smaller machines, easy to fly, take great photos and video from the sky and are less than $1000 to own.

We cover the gamut of drones, from the $30 toys up to the $250,000 professional rigs and passenger drones. However, if you have an eye on something in the $500 - $2000 range, we are dedicated to keeping you informed on the best of the bunch.

We also cover the legal side of things, after all, you need to register your drone with the FAA before you fly in the United States. And if you are looking to make some money with your flying craft, you can follow along as we explore how to get your Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate.

Thank you all for your support and continued readership over the years. I hope you'll check out my work on Android Authority and Drone Rush, as well as visit our other sites SoundGuys and DGiT.

Take care and fly safe!


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