Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Android design guidelines - a quick overview of Android L and Material Design

As we move ever closer to the official release of Android L, more and more developers are updating their apps with Material Design. Material Design is the name given to Google's latest design principles, which you will see in full force not only in Android L, but across most platforms, at least for Google's apps and services.

We've talked about this before, especially when Google opened their Google I/O app and code for all to use as a development reference.

Moving forward, one of my co-authors over on Android Authority put together a nice post about the new Android design guidelines, I think it is a great little resource for those looking to work with Material Design in their apps, for those that are curious where things are going and even for those that think design does not matter.

I am a huge fan of the ideals and tools Google has made available with and through Material Design. I may not be a huge fan of the aesthetics of some of the elements, especially the pastel-lite colors and some of the flat design that reminds me of Windows 2000. However, the overall direction, especially some of the subtle animations, are very good looking and should make for a pleasant experience as we move forward.

I'll not bore you anymore with my thoughts on Material Design and the direction that Google is headed with their apps, services and Android itself, just check it out for yourself, and be sure to place your opinions in the comments below.

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