Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Keeping connected when there is no connection, this is goTenna

Have you ever been in a crowded space, or off the beaten path to find that your mobile device has no connection? Chances are, you are not alone in these situations and you have need to communicate with your fellow travelers. Without WiFi or a solid cell connection, what options do you have? goTenna looks to solve this for you, bringing connectivity when none else is to be had.

Let's be straight up here guys, goTenna does not provide internet services, it provides communications tools that can operate even when your device has no WiFi or cell connection. Now that that is out of the way, goTenna is a slick Bluetooth connected two-way radio antenna that allows you to communicate with other goTenna users up to 50 miles away! Yes, 50.

Of course, you should realistically expect only 2-5 miles, under most circumstances, depending on your elevation and whether you are in a steel roofed house etc.

It's pretty simple, you connect your Android device to your new goTenna unit via Bluetooth LE. goTenna, along with the companion app, provides you texting, mapping & GPS sharing and more while connecting you to other goTenna users in the area. goTenna uses what we'll summarize as old school walkie-talkie two-way radio technology, just using encrypted data that cannot be used by your actual walkie-talkies.

It appears the primary functionality is a basic messaging service between users, to that end, the device has its own built in storage, so that it can accept incoming messages even when your phone is not connected. Just sync your phone to get your messages.

If you are interested in learning more, including the price tag and availability, I'll fire you over to my Android Authority post on the topic. All the details are there.

Let me just say, I frequently go hiking and camping where this device would be awesome for me, assuming that others have it to. What do you think, is turning your mobile device into an offline two-way radio exciting for you?

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