Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Custom Tasker sleep mode automatically silences your phone at night

I know I briefly showed you how to do this once before, but that was a long time ago with a different version of Tasker. Don't get me wrong, not much has changed, but this new tutorial is way better, so I figured I would post it.

As is usually the case these days, head on over to my post on Android Authority for the full step-by-step. Head back here afterward, I've got a few new ideas to share.

Once you have your night time mode in place, you may be considering other ways of controlling your volumes to optimize your experience. I've previously introduced the idea of adding a geo-location and/or network connectivity Profile triggers. The basic idea behind those is to have your device automatically configure the best ringer/notification volumes when you physically enter areas like the movie theater, library or work.

No matter the way you desire to configure this, remember to follow the basics of Tasker: Create the Tasks needed to turn on and off your settings, then configure the Profile that decides when to run those Tasks.

Create a Tasker Widget to trigger a Task

Since we've already got the Tasks created to mute the device and bring it back up again, why don't we go ahead and configure some manual triggers for them using the Tasker Widgets.

Long press an available 1x1 slot on the Homescreen of your device to add a widget. (Check out this article if you need help with this.)

Choose Tasker Task.

Choose your NoCalls Task that you previously created, or select New Task to build one from scratch.

You will now see the actions in the Task, Tap the system back button to confirm.

If you are guided to set an icon, go ahead and do so. I advise not using an app icon, as it will be lost if you ever uninstall that app.


That is it for that, you now have a button on your Homescreen that will silence your phone. You may desire to create another Tasker Widget that fires off your CallsAllowed Task, or, for bonus points, try using variables to turn that single button into a toggle. Hint: you can have one Task trigger another Task.

Also, take a look at the Tasker Task Timer widget. You could use your previous methods to silence your device, then have a Timer set to re-enable the volumes. Nap time anyone?!?

So much more to come. Remember to check back for tools, tips and tricks in my Android customization series, or just hit the Tasker label to see everything on this blog.

How did you enjoy working with Tasker today?

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