Friday, November 22, 2013

Good To Know

At risk of extreme redundancy, here is a link to a bunch of stuff that really is Good to Know.

The website and documentation mainly cover online security best practices, as pertains to Google services, but a great place to get started if you want to take your online privacy and security to the next level.

Above blurb aside, in my real world I frequently answer a lot of the same questions as covered on this site, so, I will be recommending this page to those co-workers, family and friends. Which leads to a pro tip for all those that fell into the role of 'tech support,' don't re-invent instructions. If Google has created instructions for Google products, recommend those instead of creating your own (special cases apply, I know) and make a big deal about the fact that the person could have stumbled upon this answer for themselves with a little effort.

I believe that empowering users is the best course of action.

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