Saturday, November 16, 2013


Alright, it sounds like a politically incorrect joke, but it actually stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. "What is this" you ask? GNU is a name associated with a developmental Unix-like operating system, but is more commonly referred to for User Licensing - look it up. I won't even attempt to explain Image Manipulation or Program; basically, GIMP, in it's default setup, can be called a super powered baby Photoshop. 

Many, including myself, think that GIMP is better than Photoshop, especially if you become an active part of the GIMP community and share tools and tricks. An advanced user (not myself) can use GIMP to put Photoshop to shame. We use it mostly because it is much easier to learn than the rest and it comes pre-installed on some of our favorite flavors of the Linux Operating System. 

If you ever have need for some basic image manipulation tasks such as designing a logo or print document, we urge you to give GIMP a try. I will only ask that you try to contribute to the GIMP community; maybe a new Brush design or a script that combines a drop-shadow with lens-flare plus image skew & rotation to simulate the look of something baking in the sun - nice and easy!

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