Thursday, November 26, 2009

Smoking could be hazardous to your Apple Warranty

This is great! Or so I believe.

The following link tells of denied warranty claims due to second hand smoke and nicotine damage.

For those that don't want to follow the link:

The story explains how Apple stores have determined products to be either unsafe to work on by OSHA (that's OH&S in Canada) standards, or deny warranty coverage due to second hand smoke damage.

I think this is great. I will not weigh in on the debate of legal or moral, but as a non-smoker having grown up in a smoking household, I am absolutely ecstatic over any blow to cigarettes. I cannot say "blow to smokers" because I honestly care for the smokers in my life; I avoid them whenever possible, but they're family, I love 'em.

There are many comments within the article, many of which explain individual stories of smoky computer horror stories, but the focus here could be that second hand smoke kills your computer and your kids. It seams to me that nearly every Tech has seen a PC plugged up and overheated due to smoke, hint hint!!!

Anyway, what do you think? Cigarette smoke bad for you? Your PC? Your Kids? Your Apple product?

Should Apple deny warranty because of a smoky machine?

OSHA laws apply, but should Apple be liable for not making better efforts to provide proper PPE (personal protective equipment) for their employees? I actually want to respond to that one: if an employee has to wear a gas mask (or full moon suit) to work on a PC (or mac)....... I can't continue that thought. Take the garden hose to it and return as is. Too bad the smoker will need to have a cigarette to help get over the stress of their dead computer.

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