Sunday, November 22, 2009

Finland, Spain Bringing 1Mbps Broadband To Everyone

Finland, Spain Bringing 1Mbps Broadband To Everyone:

While the US talks, other countries are acting. Both Finland and Spain have now decided to add 'broadband' to their universal service requirements. By 2011, any Finn or Spaniard, no matter where they live, should be able to get a reliable 1Mbps connection at a reasonable price.
'Universal service': it's a common concept in developed countries, and it provides money to telephone operators and other utilities to ensure that service is extended even to places where it would not otherwise be profitable, and that prices remain reasonable. As broadband increasingly becomes an essential utility, members of Congress and US regulators at the FCC have pondered how some form of basic connectivity might be extended to every American address through the Universal Service Fund.

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I Wish I could get internet! Notice I didn't say broadband? I just want proper access to the internet from my own home.

Seriously, we run windows and antivirus updates and are pretty much out of our allowed limit for the month.

Maybe my approach is backward, why should I update antivirus when I don't have enough bandwidth to get a virus?!?

Nothing against Finland or Spain, they are good countries, but why don't the "super" countries have internet for their people? So much for being world leaders.

Here's hoping that the rest of the world follows the lead of Finland and Spain. Thank you, you crazy countries that I may never visit. You are my heroes.

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