Monday, November 23, 2009

Google Wave

So many people interested in Wave!

Just checked in on the Twitter world, many of you are asking about Google Wave. What is it? How can I get an invite? Can I sell you my last invite? and so on...

I will not go into too much detail, but what you should know is that Wave is a powerful collaboration tool.

The general idea is that one person can start a 'wave' that rolls out to assigned collaborators who can then 'reply' by adding new info to the 'wave'.

So, I start a wave to my friends suggesting we go to a movie tonight. They respond with different movie and theater suggestions, I follow up by saying no to theater "A" because of the 'incident' that happened last weekend. What incident they ask?    .........

OK, you are wondering what the big deal is, what's the difference between this and email or texting? It certainly looks like email. Well, when my friend suggested a movie, he didn't just type the name, he embedded the trailer as a YouTube clip. When I expressed my concerns over a theater, I embedded a Google Map that shows the affected area.

So, everyone involved can access all of the info, edit, add to it and see changes in 'real' time. This will be a great tool utilized for social networking purposes, but the way I see it, it will be an absolutely wonderful tool for business.

Many a time have I sat with co-workers and attempted to share relevant information over the internet. This always involved us getting together, sitting at one computer and going through things together. No longer! We can now stay in our own comfortable places and share the internet. This preview version already lets us go beyond emailing website links to each other and is saving me tons of long distance conference calls.

Thank you again Google, you really know how to give us what we want and need.

Now, does anyone have questions or concerns about housing all of their data on Google Servers in the cloud???

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