Monday, January 13, 2014

Android Home Screen Overload!

Just an extra note to add to my previous post Android Home Screen.

Every item you place on your Home Screens, whether an app link, widget or live wallpaper, adds to the amount of resources used to keep your device running. Especially the fancy, flashy animated widgets that pull info from the internet frequently. Although it will take a lot of stuff to see adverse effects, it is possible, even with just app links, to completely slow down your entire system if you have too many on the home screens.

The amount of items required to slow your machine varies depending on your device specifications, and you certainly should not be afraid to load up a screen or two, but I would highly recommend turning off the 'Auto-add widgets' setting in the Play Store on your device. You really do not need an app link on the home screens for every app you have installed, you already have them all in the App Menu.

Also, long press an app link to activate the drag and drop functionality, then drop one app link onto another to create a folder, filling up a folder is a little cleaner.

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