Saturday, August 15, 2009

Start Windows Task Manager at login

Do you like to have your task manager up and running all the time? I usually do! It provides that handy little graph in the task tray showing my CPU usage.

Because I could not find a built in method of having it start when the machine turns on, I turned to VB.NET coding and created a module that starts it for me at login.

Most of you won't have, or even want to have, the tools to create a VB.NET app to do this job, so let me describe a simple way of doing it with notepad.

Create a new .txt document, remember what you have named it (ex. MyTaskManagerStarter.txt)

Inside, type the next two lines:


Now, save and close it.

What we have to do now is change the file extension; this is done by right clicking the file, select rename and change the .txt to .bat (may need to turn off 'hide known file extensions' in folder options to be able to see the extension)

Note: .bat files can harm your machine, do not play around with them unless you know what your doing. (on that note, our example will be safe)

Now all you have to do is drag and drop this file into Startup in the Start Menu.

Alternatively, you could create a task using the task schedular that runs it for you at login. This would also allow you to 'run as administrator'. (post a comment asking for directions if interested.)

Happy Manipulating

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